I am a McAfee SaaS customer, can you assist with migration?

Spambrella migrate customers from MxLogic / McAfee SaaS services without charge.

Firstly Spambrella V1.0 was originally staged on MxLogic and all of our engineers are well versed in the service. The new Spambrella platform has been designed specifically for our extensive global channel partner base. There are of course differences and improvements which are best discussed over a live demonstration.

Spambrella technicians are here to help and will replicate your McAfee SaaS filters and settings for you. Once you have reviewed your new settings within the Spambrella UI, raised any questions etc, we will advise you to change and repoint your MX records. After 30 days you will begin your Spambrella service subscription.

Looking to price match? No problem. Please contact a Spambrella sales representative to discuss your requirements and to begin your new stable relationship.

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