Message Trace in Microsoft 365 and Exchange – PSAT (Educate)

Question – Emails are not making it to my Inbox and/or are getting sand-boxed by Microsoft prior to delivery. I thought I put in all the rules according to your guides. What is wrong and how can I find out what happened to this email?

Answer – Office 365 administrators can find out what happened to an email message by running a message trace in the Exchange admin center (EAC). Admins can see if one rule superseded the Phishing rules or if the rules ever got triggered.

Please see the following Microsoft article for more details:

Admins can trace an email by the sender and recipient of the Phishing emails. To find the sender email address, view the campaign report in Phishing. Please see the following screenshot on where to locate the sender email address as well as the start time of the campaign in order to narrow down the search.