New Plus Service Packages

You may have noticed new service package options when changing a customer’s package or adding a new customer. The Business +, Advanced +, and Professional + packages are now available to all partners and customers. Below are the new features added to Plus (+) packages to raise the level of protection for you and your customers in 2023.

  • Available for new customers and upgrades.
  • Existing packages (BEG, BUS, ADV, PRO) remain fully available.

Spambrella leverages the same enterprise-class security and visibility used by some of the world’s largest and most security-conscious organizations in the world. It helps you protect your greatest security risk—your people. Our multilayered anti-virus, anti-spam, and phishing detection engines give you the best possible protection against malware-based and malware-free email threats. All your emails are scanned by our sophisticated engines. They quickly, accurately, and effectively capture and block all known viruses. For even stronger protection, you can rely on our heuristics scanning. It discovers unknown email threats and protects you against these in real-time.

Your administrators get a modern user experience, so they can understand the big picture of the threat landscape. They can also easily access a detailed breakdown of specific threat types and frequency of attacks. Your people have all the information and tools they need to make informed decisions.


Advanced BEC Defense: Super Nova detection will work behind the scenes to focus on Email Security. Super Nova detection is designed to address the main categories of attack and breach such as Payroll, Gift card, M&A, Shipping redirect, and the most common attack, supplier spoofing. These are the areas that URL spoof attacks and other cyber attacks target to gain access to your sensitive data.

One Click Message Pull: (Only compatible with Microsoft O365) – One-click message pull allows Administrators to identify emails using the email logs, along with a few key pieces of information, to pull emails directly out of end-users mailboxes. These can be either potential security threats or other types of emails such as policy violations. You may also have legal or compliance obligations where the message pull will prove valuable.

In Email Messaging: Configurable in-mail warning messaging which will help end-users with suspected compromised emails. Email replies automatically delete the warning message to allow back-and-forth on cleared warnings. Fully responsive for all mobile device compatibility.

Predictive Sandboxing (TAP): Greater protection through sandboxing – URL analysis is maintained with virtual execution and tested prior to delivery, even if the link is not clicked by an end-user. Raising the level of performance with zero-day threats to your organization.

Service Package Update:

Spambrella partners will continue to have access to the Beginner and Beginner + service packages. The main service package web page will be updated to include these service packages very soon. The below shows the new Plus packages available and the additional features included.

New Proofpoint Essentials Plus Packages


  • What will the new plus service packages cost?
    – The same discount as the corresponding standard package. If you have a 25% discount on Business, it will be the same for Business + from the new MSRP listed at the bottom of this page.
  • What new features are included with each package?
    – Business +: Predictive URL Defense, and One-Click Message Pull.
    – Advanced +, Professional +: Email Warning Tags, Advanced BEC Defense, Predictive URL Defense, and One-Click Message Pull.
  • Will the existing packages continue to be available for purchase?
    – Yes. Existing packages will continue to be available for purchase.
  • Can a customer upgrade to a new package after the launch?
    – Yes. Upgrades to both new and existing packages will be allowed.
  • Can the new packages be trialed?
    – Yes
  • Are new packages available for NFRs?
    – Yes
  • When will updated marketing assets and partner price sheets be available?
    – They are available now. Contact for a direct response.
  • Will new packages be available via API?
    – Yes. APIs will support the new packages. Contact for assistance if required.

New Feature Recap:

New Proofpoint Essentials Features 2023


(BEG) – Beginner $1.65
(BUS) – Business $3.03
(BUS +) – Business + $3.36
(ADV) – Advanced $4.13
(ADV +) – Advanced + $5.13
(PRO) – Professional $5.86
(PRO +) – Professional + $6.86


(BEG) – Beginner £1.21
(BUS) – Business £2.16
(BUS+) – Business + £2.75
(ADV) – Advanced £2.94
(ADV+) – Advanced + £4.20
(PRO) – Professional £4.18
(PRO+) – Professional + £5.61

Please contact for your updated price list.