Not Authorized Error – PSAT (Educate)

IssueA user is receiving the following error when trying to access a Training Module:

Not Authorized: You don’t seem to be authorized. In order to fix the problem, we will send you back to your home screen where you can re-launch the course.

SolutionThis error is typically caused by an issue with a web filter.  The web filter strips out the request headers and authorization tokens from the pages in our modules.  This will prevent the user from accessing the training module.
If your company uses a web filter, please ensure that the below domains have been safelisted:


CaveatWildcards are not valid in an email address or domain name. There is one exception with wildcards in the IP address. The wildcard can be used to match the number in the last part of a dotted-quad IP address. For example, 192.168.0.* can be used to represent all the host IP addresses on the network. Two wildcards cannot be used in an IP address.

Once the domains have been safelisted, please restart the module and try again.