Microsoft Office 365 Issues and Solutions

Microsoft Office 365 users have reported issues that occur during sign-in and activation of services. Although uncommon in Q2 2019, users may still face some sign-in, account recovery, and activation issues.

If you are still having problems, we have a list of the most common Office 365 issues and their solutions…

User Error (Wrong ID or Password)

When trying to sign in to your Office 365 portal, you may have encountered the following pop-up message:

“We are unable to recognize this user ID or password.”

This usually occurs when a user accidentally enters the wrong login credentials. And there are two main causes: either you entered the wrong password, or you entered an incorrect ID (or both).

There are multiple ways to solve this problem. You can use either of the following two solutions depending on which one works best for your situation:

1. Incorrect User ID or Password

Check Your ID
Ensure that the correct user ID is entered and that you’re signing in using the email provided to you by your organization. Such email addresses generally look like or If you’re unsure about the ID that was assigned to you by your organization, be sure to contact your administrator.

Check Your Password
Sometimes, employees save their passwords on their laptops or desktops and then copy-paste the data into sign-in fields. But this can sometimes cause problems. If you’re copying the password from somewhere else, make sure that you’re aware of possible unintentional spaces at the beginning or end of the password. Also, bear in mind that some passwords are case sensitive, so make sure every letter is correct.

2. Forgotten User ID or Password

If you can’t remember your ID or password, you can attempt to reset your own password through the self-service Password Reset wizard:

If your organization has multiple Office 365 administrators, ask another administrator to reset your password for you.

Note: If your account administrator has enabled the option that allows you to reset your own password, then you can proceed to reset it through the links mentioned above. If that’s not the case, the password reset form provides you the option to contact your admin.

Office 365 Account Locked: What if you don’t have a recovery email?

Office 365 accounts can be locked for many varied reasons. For example, if you type an incorrect login credential in multiple times. When an Office 365 account does lock up nobody can sign in to it. The only solution is to authenticate and verify your credentials to access the account.

If you do not have a recovery email set, you can follow a series of steps to regain access to your account. However, before you do so, keep in mind these tips to ease the account recovery process:

Use a computer that you’ve previously used to sign in when attempting to recover your account. Microsoft recognizes computer IP addresses and this will affect trust.

The questions asked by Microsoft may or may not apply to you. Ensure that you answer as many questions as possible. It’s better to guess and be close than to leave a question unanswered. The email that’s requested must be a working email. Microsoft doesn’t use this email for marketing purposes. This email is only to provide you the result of the recovery request.