Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation (PDR) listings and removal

Spambrella utilizes a block list service named: Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation, or PDR. Spambrella utilizes PDR for inbound email. IPs listed on PDR will block a message prior to delivery to the account.

IPs listed on Spambrella’s PDR may receive a bounce back with response blocked by PDR.

Any IP listed on the PDR service can be removed by following the link here. The conditions for PDR listings are also listed on this page.

The main reasons why we may blocking an IP:

  • emails are hitting Spambrella spam traps
  • emails are being reported as spam
  • IPs in bulk ranges are sending spam 

Spambrella customers IPs listed

Any Spambrella customer that has their IPs listed on PDR, please open a PDR request ticket first via PDR Removal Request. Upon creating the request, at the end you are given a reference ID. Please open a standard support ticket to Spambrella support and include the reference ID indicating you are following up with a PDR removal request.

Data from PDR listings

For data compliance, we may not be able to provide any details regarding why IPs got listed on PDR.

Spambrella also use the following block list services therefore customers are advised to check with these services for blocked IP’s: 

If the sending IP address is blacklisted the sender will receieve a bounce-back from our server. This should make the sender aware that the mail has not been delivered and they should begin the process of getting removed from the list.