Quarantine actions

Release Email – Allowing user to release a specific email from a sender one time. This may be an email newsletter that you do not want to receive regularly or an email from a source that you feel may be a legitimate source. This release function does not update the Spambrella spam learning engine and does not create any rules in relation to the sender.

Approve Sender – Allows the user to have the desired message released immediately and to inform Spambrella to create a Whitelist (Allow) rule between the sender and recipient so that mail will not be qualified as spam from this sender in future. It further helps the Spambrella engine learn that this sender is not a bulk sender and updates our understanding for the entire company.

Classify as spam – Simply defines and classifies the email as spam. Generally for messages that got through filtering and were not caught. You can only use classify as spam on clean delivered messages, so any messages without that category and status will not have checkboxes.

Classify as clean – Means you consider this message clean. Generally this is for messages that were falsely scored as spam. Classify as clean will only work on messages caught as spam.