Quarantine – End User

An entry for each of a user’s inbound and outbound messages is logged in Spambrella and shown on the Quarantine tab of the user interface. The entry shows information about the message, not the actual message content.

You can also choose to receive an emailed digest listing quarantined messages.

Why Messages Are Quarantined

Messages are quarantined because they are deemed to be potentially harmful or as a result of being caught by a filter or blocked sender list entry. Most, but not all, quarantined messages can be released, thereby being sent or delivered as originally intended. The length of time quarantined messages remain visible is set up as part of the quarantine digest, but is at most 30 days.

A message may be quarantined if:

  • It contains a virus. Such messages can be seen but cannot be released.
  • It has been classifier as spam (subject to user and company spam settings). Such messages can be seen and may be released.
  • It has been quarantined as a result of a custom filter. Depending on the filter settings, such messages may be seen and may be able to be released.
  • It matches an entry in the blocked sender list.

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