Read Only Admin User

Situation – What is Read Only User Admin ?
Solution – To help organizations choose the right level of access for their administrators

About The Read Only Admin User

Read Only User Admin allows admin users the same level of access to the platform, without the ability to make changes. This user privilege would suit users who only need to view records & data.

How To Apply Read Only Admin User Privilege

Read Only User Admin privilege can be applied to both new and existing for the user that are the following roles:

  • OEM Partner Admin
  • Strategic Partner Admin
  • Channel Admin
  • Organization Admin

Apply to Existing Admin User

  1. Navigate to User Management > Users
  2. Click user you wish to apply the privilege to
  3. Check Read-Only User option
  4. Click Save


Apply to New Admin User

  1. Navigate to User Management > Users
  2. Click Add A USER  clipboard_e36cfd6a1fb7f425adc36d82e36ffa1cf.png
  3. Enter User information
  4. Check Read-Only User option
  5. Click Save


Access And Limitations Of Read Only Admin User

Admin users with read only user privilege can:

  • Only View and have to existing pages relevant to their role.
  • Perform own end user actions i.e. Take action on own mail, Update Aliases,Spam Settings, Digest, Allow/Block Sender Lists & Emergency inbox.
  • Export, view and print reports.
  • View child organizations

Admin users with read only user privilege are prevented from:

  • Make any changes to their own or children organization
  • Creating, updating or deleting organizations
  • Upgrading/Downing packages

Read Only Admin User doesn’t cover:

  • Email Archive
  • Proofpoint Security Awareness Training
  • Not applicable to role – End Users, Silent Users or Functional Accounts.


  1. Who can apply read only user privilege?
    1. Partner and Organization Admins can apply the privilege to other admin users.
  2. What will I see as a Read Only Admin user?
    1. The experience will largely be the same as the normal admin experience, with the exclusion of actionable buttons and input text boxes.
  3. Do I need to update my API request to utilize the new privilege?
    1. Yes, please refer to the API documentation. The Read_Only_User variable is optional and will default to false if omitted from API request.

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