Reflexion Alternative Service

The email security industry has been a turbulent arena over the past decade. Spambrella have managed some major migrations from service providers looking for rescue and also those who require long term commitment and stability.

More recently we witnessed Sophos and their Reflexion email security service suffer a major outage. This added strain and frustration to MSP’s in North America and Canada who turned to Spambrella for quick resolution. Reflexion does not provide the level of functionality, ease of use or security feature set which was provided by Spambrella but to migrate customers to a new service is always viewed as an MSP overhead and impactful.

Spambrella has been working with global MSPAlliance programs to re-home disgruntled Sophos Reflexion MSP partners. The program offered by Spambrella delivers parity to partners of the Reflexion service plus adds additional value. The migration path to Spambrella has been highly popular with especially with our SMTP Discovery tool enabling MSP to migrate customers quickly and friction free.

Please contact to discuss your requirements. You will then be sent relevant information which shows Spambrella service features in comparison. Spambrella provides a greater level of features, modern interface and simplifies all administration processes.

Please email to discuss Spambrella free migrations/service cost reductions.

Are you a large MSP or service provider? Spambrella provide automated ingestion of customer accounts using internal tools pre-developed. Our engineers are well versed in this process and will make light work of any assisted migration process.

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