Report spam from Email Logs

Accessing Logs and Reporting

The email logs can assist in many ways. Note: Email logs are only there if the message got sent and processed by Spambrella.

Reporting Spam from User Email Logs

  • Log into the interface URL for your service.
  • Go to the Logs area.
  •  Choose the user from the list that received/sent the email.
  • Type: Typically the user is complaining about a spam message received, so choose Inbound. Otherwise, choose Outbound.
  • Received: Choose the range when the message was received/sent.
  • Status: Based on Terminology, this message is a False Negative, but somehow cleared our spam filtering. So choose “Cleared” only.
  • From/To/Subject – Please provide these to find the specific message faster. This helps refine the search, especially if the user receives a lot of email.
  • A list will populate based upon the search criteria.
  • Select the message(s) per page you wish to report by checking the box on that line.
  • Once selected on the page, change the drop down menu at the bottom of the page to “This is spam.”
  • Press Apply.
  • Repeat steps 9-11 as needed by per page.


You may change the number of displayed messages per page via the drop down menu. This can make reporting in bulk slightly faster if there are multiple pages.