Searching in Proofpoint Archive 2.0

A basic introduction to searching Spambrella/Proofpoint Archive 2.0
With archive 2.0 a few functions have been added to searching messages.

Granting Access:

Administrators can now grant access to any user to search the archives for a specific set or for all users, not just their own archives.

(Note: Admins may need to do this for themselves).

  1. Go to the profile of any user.
  2. Check “Discovery User
  3. Choose scope for user
  4. All Mailboxes
  5. If you choose nothing this will get checked by default
  6. Specific Mailboxes
  7. Once this is selected, you will see the search box and can add specific mailboxes they are allowed to search.


  1. Click on the search Icon – Top Left of screen
  2. Scope: Determine the scope of mailboxes to search (Top left of the search box)
  3. All – default will search all mailboxes you have access to
  4. My Mailbox – limits the search to only your personal mailbox
  5. Specific Mailboxes – This will allow you to choose one or more specific mailboxes to search so long as you have been granted the right to search them.
  6. Open Search box: freeform search for any specific text in any part of a message
  7. Date Filter: Click on the Date Filter button on the right of the search box
    Choose any preset date range to search OR choose specific time frames using the ‘between’ option at the bottom.
  8. Message Parts Filter: Click on the Criteria Filter Icon on the right of the search box. There are search options for a variety of messages parts
  9. Search options – You can put a string of terms, separated by spaces, into any of the specific message parts listed i.e. From, To, Subject, Attachment, Content etc.
  10. You can also choose how to match the terms used with the following options for any of the message part filters
    – All Of – Will only return results if ALL of the terms are found in that message part
    – Any Of – Will return results for all messages that contain ANY of your terms
    – None – Will EXCLUDE any messages with any of the terms used in that message part.
  11. When you have set all the various filters desired, click on search and it will return only messages that match your filters.
    Be careful with these filters as they are very literal. If you don’t get what you were looking for try adjusting the filters. We recommend starting with the defaults and doing a text search then adding filters if you are getting too many results back.

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