Send Test Email – PSAT (Setup)

QuestionI want to see how the Phishing email will look before I send it out to my users. How can I send myself a test email?

AnswerTo send yourself a test email follow the steps below:

  1. Select Phishing > New Campaign
  2. Select the Campaign you would like to create
    • Drive By Campaign
    • Data Entry Campaign
    • Classic Attachment Campaign
    • Attachment Campaign
  3. From Campaign Details,  choose Add to select Template(s)
  4. To send yourself a test email, click on the envelope next to the correct Template

Phishing_Test Email.png

  1. You will then receive a pop-up notifying you that a test email has been sent to your designated email address.

Phishing_Verify Test Email.png

Note:  Test emails expire after 5 minutes.

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