Social Media Account Protection

What is social media account protection?

Social media account protection provides advanced protection for your branded social media accounts. It works across all major social networks, including facebook, twitter, google+, and youtube.

What does it do?

Social media account protection enables you to automatically remove malicious or inappropriate content, prevent unauthorized publishing, and enforce compliance policies.

The amount of content generated across all your social media accounts is likely too much for you to sift through manually. SocialPatrol automates content scanning, incident identification, alerting, remediation and reporting for your audits, saving you significant time and money. With automated scanning and enforcement, you’re free to focus on real problems, not noise.

What it means to you?

This tool can help your company monitor and prevent unintentional or malicious postings on social media accounts. It can identify potential security threats and stop them real time. Social Patrol automatically identifies high-risk content and can remove it in seconds. Over 110 classifiers leverage Deep Social Linguistic Analysis (DSLA) technology for unrivaled accuracy. SocialPatrol can also analyze text within pictures.

How to sign up and what to expect

You can get started by going to your Company Settings>Features tab and checking the box for Social Media Account Protection. Then click save. You should expect an email within 24 hours of enabling this feature. If after 24 hours no email notification has been received, contact

Social Media Account Protection

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