Spam Sensitivity Slider

The spam sensitivity slider tool adjusts where the Spambrella engine should make that call between Clean/Innocent, and Spam which it will quarantine. Misclassifications might, in some cases, be just on the other side of that decision line, and you could experiment with slight adjustments here.

Please bear in mind that the spam sensitivity slider control tool can be a big hammer, it does what it says: If you set the slider to be more sensitive, more email will get quarantined, clean, or spam. If you set it less sensitive, more emails will get passed, clean, or spam. The default setting should be fine in most cases as the system is designed around it, but the volume-of-spam versus risk-of-catching-real-emails profile can be different for different email accounts, especially for ‘info@mydomain’ type accounts, and the Spam Slider can be very useful there.

The Release Always button will always work here as well, so you can combine it with a more sensitive Spam Slider setting if your senders are fairly regular, but some email accounts like ‘sales@mydomain’ might rely on receiving emails from unknown senders all the time, so just be careful there. Or if you’re happy enough that your account receives virtually no spam you can leave the slider at a less sensitive position.

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