Spambrella URL Defense

Spambrella leverages the advanced power of Targeted Attack Protection, Spambrella’s industry leading email analysis solution, to provide small to mid-sized enterprises with URL Defense, the only service that effectively detects, catches and analyses malicious URLs targeting this market.

Targeted email attacks containing malicious links represent one of the most dangerous IT threats facing enterprises today. Spambrella Targeted Attack Protection™ is the industry’s first comprehensive email analysis solution for combatting targeted threats using a full lifecycle approach, monitoring suspicious messages containing malicious URLs or malicious attachments, and observing user clicks as they attempt to reach out.

The Spambrella URL Defense feature takes a more advanced approach to identifying suspicious email messages containing malicious URLs. This helps small to mid-sized enterprises to add additional layers of security scrutiny that cannot be matched by traditional security solutions and gateways.

  • Spambrella leverages Spambrella’s Targeted Attack Protection Technology to provide complete protection against all email threats.
  • Cloud Architecture: Billions of messages traverse the Spambrella cloud every week, providing global visibility and early protection for emerging threats
  • Advanced Protection against targeted email attacks like spear-phishing attacks, zero-day exploits, advanced persistent threats (APTs)
  • Use of techniques like Dynamic Malware Analysis and Cloud based Sandboxing
  • Protection across the corporate network, public network, and mobile devices
  • Leverage Big Data techniques to build statistical models to provide predictive analysis

URL Defense is included these packages: 

  • Business
  • Advanced
  • Pro

To enable URL Defense:

  • Go to Company Settings
  • Click on Features
  • Click on URL Defense to Enable and hit Save.