Spamtitan Alternative Email Security Service

Spamtitan Alternative Email Security Service

Note – Our extensive knowledge base and guides may not always translate well if you have been using Spamtitan for an extended period of time. Please contact to discuss your requirements. You will then be sent relevant information which shows Spambrella service features in comparison.

Spambrella provides equal and additional layers of protection to Spamtitan. The self-service options available within Spambrella far exceed those available within the Spamtitan interface for Admins and end-users. Arrange a live demonstration for your business or MSP today and we’ll be happy to expand on the above statements.

Please email to discuss Spambrella free migrations/service cost reductions.

Managed Service Providers – Resellers

MSP’s and IT Services Providers favor Spambrella over Spamtitan predominantly due to the Proofpoint detection rates and integrated Proofpoint Enterprise features.

Since the announcement that Spamtitan had increased costs and now include a minimum order value, MSPs have worked with Spambrella for safe harbor. Of course, you have the choice to run Spambrella in tandem with Spamtitan or you can migrate all customers our way to consolidate and reduce costs.

Spambrella technicians are here to help and will replicate your filters and settings for you. Once you have reviewed your settings within the Spambrella, raised any questions etc, we will advise you to change and repoint your MX records. After 30 days you will begin your Spambrella service subscription.

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