Training Module Scoring – PSAT (Educate)

QuestionDo you have information on module scoring?

Answer – Scoring varies from module to module. The number of questions and the passing score requirement can be different from module to module. It is even possible the number of questions can differ within the same module. For example, if you take a module that has three sections in it you will not be able to progress from one section to another without meeting the specific requirements in each section.

As an example, our Social Engineering module consists of three lessons (sections). Each lesson requires that the end-user get 4 out of 5 questions correct before going to the next lesson.  If the user gets 4 out of 5 on the first lesson they will have 80% and will to proceed to the next lesson.  However, if a user gets 2 out of 5 on the first lesson, they will be forced to restart that lesson.  If the user then scores 4 out of 5 the second time the user’s score would be 60%.  Both situations will allow the user to proceed to the next section, but the first user will receive a higher score because it required less attempts for the user to finish the lesson.