Unable to send emails through Spambrella outbound relay feature.

Verify the following:
The Outbound Relay feature is enabled for the company.

  1. Log in to the user interface
  2. Type the customer name into the search bar (top header)
  3. Click on Company Settings
  4. Click on Features
  5. Check the box next to “Enable Outbound relaying”

The sending server send connector should be correctly configured to use the Spambrella smart host.

Partners are assigned to different sections of our cloud and as such the relay destination you must use for setting up customers will be dependent on your allocation. If you are not already aware of which smart host address have been assigned to your account please contact either support or your account manager.

The relay/smart host destination where all mail should go is one of the following four options:

outbound-us1.ppe-hosted.com (For US1, US3 and US4 users)
outbound-eu1.ppe-hosted.com (For EU users)
outbound-us2.ppe-hosted.com (For US2 users)

You can test connectivity to Spambrella by typing and executing the following from a command prompt on the email server of the organization:

telnet [Smarthost Address] 25

You should see a message saying “Welcome to Proofpoint Essentials ESMTP Server”, amongst other things. (enter “quit” to close the connection.) If you do not see this message, examine the outbound settings on the firewall between the server and the internet.

NB: Please ensure you read the instructions on Firewall Lockdown and include all IP ranges.

The correct sending server IP address should have been added to list of Outbound servers. Spambrella MTAs are updated every 30 minutes. Therefore new sending server details may not have been applied. (The Spambrella system uses this as a dual form of relay authorization, with the other being that the user exists.) To verify the outbound IP has been registered:

  1. Log in to the Spambrella user interface
  2. Type the customer name into the search bar (top header)
  3. Click on Company Settings
  4. Click on Domains
  5. Click on “New Sending Server”
  6. Enter in the IP or IPv4 range and save.

Once (1) to (3) is completed, please wait until top or bottom of the 30minutes for the changes to replicate across the Spambrella Network.

If the above have been confirmed and a customer is still experiencing issues sending mail through the Outbound relay feature. The SMTP logs of the sending server should provide an indication of the issue.