URL Path Field in Phishing Campaign – PSAT (Educate)

QuestionWhat is the URL Path field in the Phishing template used for?

Answer – The URL Path field allows customizations to the landing domain URL. These customizations must be completed during campaign creation.

For example, if the current landing domain URL is http://www.account-maintenance.com/abc123 you could add to this URL by entering password/reset into the URL Path field. The modified landing domain URL will now be http://www.account-maintenance.com/p…d/reset/abc123

The Phishing Link Preview field will show a representation of what the users will see when they hover over the link in their campaign email. The abc123 at the end of the URL is simply a placeholder value to show you how the URL will look to the user.  The Phishing program automatically assigns each user a unique value for each campaign.  Once you create a campaign the unique value will replace abc123:


  • Cannot begin or end with a forward slash
  • Cannot contain the words login or secure
  • Must only contain letters (a-z, A-Z), numbers (0-9), and the following characters – . _ ~ : / ? # [ ] @ ! $ & ‘( ) * + , ; =