Using KnowBe4 with Spambrella

Situation – Trying to use the KnowBe4 product with Spambrella.
Solution – Mail flow through Spambrella can be done up to a certain extent.

Recommended Solution: KnowBe4 Directly To Mail Server

For the best experience for KnowBe4, it would be best to configure their system to send directly to your mail server. This would completely bypass our scanning, but it would ensure messages with viruses can get through, and reports from all KnowBe4 items would not be impeded by Spambrella and Proofpoint scanning. Please contact KnowBe4 support on how to configure their system to send directly to your mail server.

Mail Flow-Through Spambrella

If you decide to continue with mail to the MX, there are a few items to consider.

Before You Start

Before setting up KnowBe4, there are a few key statements to be made.

  • We understand KnowBe4 is a training product, but Spambrella/Proofpoint scanning services are designed to stop threats.
  • Spambrella does not block KnowBe4 IPs.
  • Certain types of messages may be exempted from scanning with filters.
  • Messages with attachments may get stopped as viruses.
    • Messages containing viruses are stopped completely. There is no getting around this.
    • If the customer has an Attachment Defense sandbox enabled, this may quarantine the message as a virus.

Per the statements above, Spambrella filtering can still quarantine a message. The single item that cannot be done is to allow messages we mark as viruses. You can get every other message through, but you have to create filters or approve senders and/or IPs. You will have to go through the KnowBe4 documentation to do this. Please also note that any reporting that you have with KnowBe4 may be skewed due to our scanning. It is important to raise this with Knowbe4 support as they will have experience on how to best resolve this for you.

Reporting Messages To KnowBe4

We are aware customers of KnowBe4 are instructing their users to report users to KnowBe4 through the tools allotted. If you are configured to use the Spambrella outbound smarthost, please note these messages will be caught as spam, most likely for phishing.

We recommend that you instruct customers who are using this tool to create a custom outbound routing to the email address that KnowBe4 provides and bypass Spambrella outbound at the mail server.

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