Using Zix Encryption with Spambrella

In the event that a customer is using Zix as a secure webmail application as opposed to Spambrella ‘Advanced Package’ encryption solution, we do support the configuration on the platform. To avoid any potential delivery issues please ensure the IP addresses listed below are added to the sending servers list.

Go to Company Settings > Domains > New Sending Server > Add IP address > Click on save

Link to Zix IP ranges

Zix Secure Message Portals will use a variety of IP address:

The Secure Message web sites are typically in the below IP range:

Notices sent from the portal will typically come from, (which is IP addresses through but can also come from one of the above ranges as well.

Note that this list may be updated by Zix and is correct as of publishing, refer to Zix website for most up to date IP list and add accordingly.

**Correct as of January 2018**