Verify domain by adding a custom META tag

Verify domain by adding a custom META tag to the homepage of your domain

In order to register a domain for email relay within Spambrella, you will need verify ownership of the domain.

Step 1: Create your domain in Spambrella

  • Login to Spambrella
  • Click on Company Settings
  • Click on Domains
  • Click on New Domain
  • Enter the domain name
  • Choose “Relay” from domain purpose
  • Enter the delivery destination (optional at this time but required before it can be enabled)
  • Enter SMTP failover location
  • Choose “Verify by META tag record” from the verification method list
  • Copy the value displayed on the screen (i.e., <meta name=”ppe-verify” content=”ppe-f01321e1e822fcd1e7a8″>)
  • Click on Verify Later*

*Note: (Verify Later) If you do not click on Verify Later the verification code will change and you will have to repeat this process.

Step 2: Add the new META tag to home page associated with your domain

  • Open a new tab or browser window
  • Open your website homepage HTML file using any text or HTML editor

– If your web host uses a web-based page editor (i.e., WordPress, Squarespace, etc.), open your homepage in their editor

  • Paste the content from your clipboard into the <head> section that’s before the first <body> section

– If you’re unsure how to add meta tags with a web-based page editor, contact your web host’s technical support team

  • Open your website homepage in a browser and view the source to confirm the content has been added


<meta name=”ppe-verify” content=”ppe-f01321e1e822fcd1e7a8″>



Step 3: Verify domain in Spambrella

  • Click on the Edit icon next to the domain you wish to verify
  • Click on Verify Now
  • Confirm that the verification status value associated with the domain is Verified