Verify domain by adding a custom META tag

Verify domain by adding a custom META tag to the homepage of your domain

In order to register a domain for email relay within Spambrella, you will need verify ownership of the domain.

Step 1: Create your domain in Spambrella

  1. Navigate to Administration > Account Management > Domains.
  2. Click Verify Domain on the right side of the desired domain.
  3. At the top of the new window, select META TAG. A value (for example, <meta name=”ppe-verify” content=”ppe-f01321e1e822fcd1e7a8″>) wll be shown.
  4. Copy the value to the clipboard.
  5. Click Verify Later.
  6. Open a new tab or browser window
  7. Open your website homepage HTML file using any text or HTML editor or, if your web host uses a web-based page editor (WordPress, Squarespace, etc.), open your homepage in their editor.
  8. Paste the content from your clipboard into the <head> section that appears before the first <body> section. (If you are unsure how to do this, contact your web host’s technical support team.)
  9. Open your website homepage in a browser and view the source to confirm the addition.
  10. Return to your Spambrella admin portal.
  11. Click Verify Domain again and then click Verify Now.
  12. Confirm that the domain says Verified under the Domain Status column
  13. Enable the domain clicking Enable Relay.