Virus Detection with Spambrella

Did you know: The technology used by Spambrella currently monitors over 1 Billion emails per day? This puts us in the prime position to understand the Global threat landscape.

Email viruses change extremely frequently and are becoming so sophisticated that no system can catch everything. Often the first time a new virus or virus variation is observed anywhere is when it hits email filtering systems, and so at this time the signature is not available in the latest files provided by the anti virus labs.

Spambrella is at the cutting edge of catching all known viruses, but as explained, occasionally we will see an occurrence of a new one slip through. Spambrella’s Business, Advanced and Pro service packages include a sandboxing technology designed specifically for those potentially harmful scripts, executables etc. 

Spambrella is powered by Proofpoint’s MLX machine learning technology. This solution examines and filters millions of possible spam, malware and virus attributes in every email including message envelope headers and structure, email images, email sender reputation as well as unstructured content in the message body to prevent spam emails, attachment-based spam (including PDF and image-based spam), while automatically filtering and adapting to new attacks as they appear.