What happens if I don’t renew?

To avoid any disruption to the flow of email and avoid the consequences of a lapsed renewal please renew your account on time. We have made this process extremely simple by providing the admin a ‘renew now’ button on the company settings page. The technical/admin contact will also automatically receive a renewal reminder email 30 days prior to the renewal due date. In addition,  we provide an option to configure up to 2 more reminder emails closer to the renewal date under ‘Renewal Reminder Settings’ on the interface. The ‘Second’ and ‘Third’ reminders may be set anywhere between 1 to 30 days, or completely disabled.

All new customers are defaulted to: 30/15/5 days for renewal reminders.

If you have not configured your accounts for ‘automatic renewal’ and you fail to renew the account on time, then the lapsed account shall be deactivated. The exact actions and time period involved will be dependent on how you have configured your customer status settings prior, otherwise the system defaults shall apply.

• The value you have set under the deactivation delay settings will determine the number of days (up to 10), post the renewal date, which the system shall wait before the account gets subsequently deactivated. Nb. Once an account is deactivated Spambrella will no longer process email for the account until the contract is manually renewed. If you have not made any changes to these settings then the lapsed account shall be deactivated 5 days after the due renewal datein accordance with the system defaults.

• 15 days (default setting) after the account has been deactivated it will be disabled from the system. You can extend this Deletion Delay period to a max of 30 days. Nb. When an account is deleted from the system this is a permanent action and the account details cannot be retrieved under any circumstances. If you wish to reopen an account at this point it must be re-added to the system as a brand new customer and the entire setup process must be completed once again.