When to Use Archive Bulk Import/Export Services

If you have large amounts of email to load and an Internet connection with limited bandwidth, the time required to prepare and ship a portable storage device to Spambrella can be a small percentage of the time it would take to transfer your data over the internet. If loading your data over the Internet would take a week or more, you should consider using Archive Bulk Import/Export Services.

Below is a table that gives guidance around common internet connection speeds on: (1) how long it will take to transfer 1TB of email data over the Internet into Spambrella Archive platform (see the middle column for this estimate); and, (2) what volume of total email data will require a week to transfer over the Internet into Spambrella, and therefore warrant consideration of Archive Import/Export services (see the right-hand column). For example, if you have a 10Mbps connection and expect to utilize 80% of your network capacity for the email data transfer, transferring 1TB of email over the Internet to  will take 13 days. The volume at which this same set-up will take at least a week, is 600GB, so if you have 600GB of email or more to transfer, and you want it to take less than a week to get into Spambrella, we recommend you use Archive Bulk Import/Export Services.