Why are my Archive Emails getting rejected?

Common things to check if archive emails are getting rejected or not showing up:

  1. Make sure a SECOND outbound connector is configured to handle only archive mail. Review the setup documentation closely. This second connector sends mail directly to the archive servers. If it routes through the normal outbound connector first, the archive servers will reject those messages.

  2. Insure the External Contact email address matches what is provided in the Archive SMTP Connection configuration. It should resemble (example) “”xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx@us.earchive.cloud””

  3. Ensure your firewall is allowing traffic to us.earchive.cloud (US Customers). In almost all cases, rejected archives can be traced back to missing something in one of these configurations. Spambrella can check and see what error’s are occurring and help pinpoint which specific issue may be occurring.

Note – that this only works with Exchange / Office365. If you’re using a different MTA that doesn’t have any kind of smart mail routing (ie: you can define different destination servers based on the destination domain) — several windows-based mail server (hMailServer, mailenable, smartermail) do not have those capabilities built in, you need to use some sort of a mail router in between that will send mail to the smarthost unless it’s going to us.earchive.cloud, then use mx resolution.

Please be sure to utilize the support team to diagnose any setup/connector issues.