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Re-Branded SaaS Email Security to Lead Adoption Rates

Gartner predicted the cloud-based security services market to hit $4.13 billion!

There are many clear reasons why SaaS Internet Security is being adopted by corporate and public sector users. Firstly it is more efficient and the recurring subscription costs are predictable. There should not be any up-front costs for setup as the architecture is already in place. Web and Email SaaS is particularly suited to the InfoSec space as cyber threats are dealt with on a real-time basis in the cloud and outside of the customers traditional perimeter defense.

There are clear opportunities available to the IT channel to offer SaaS internet security services to their customers. The recurring high margin revenue stream is one which is attractive to all parties. However, to date it has not played out like that as many channel players do not price email security to make a profit. The offering has in the past been underestimated and value behind a SaaS security services offering diluted by re-sellers. Internet Security SaaS providers such as Spambrella whom include outbound DLP for email + attachments, archiving and disaster recovery options… provide best of breed solutions and the channel is beginning to realize the value offering. More importantly many of the security vendors in the SaaS space of old have been exposed to an acquisition spree (Intel acquiring McAfee (MxLogic), Symantec acquiring Softscan & Messagelabs etc) there are less and less channel focused SaaS security vendors in the IT security arena on a global scale.

The opportunity from the growth in SaaS email security can be realized by channel partners working with a SaaS security vendor that can offer the following:

  • A dedicated channel only sales model providing partners with market leading SLA, 24/7 technical support, marketing strategies.
  • The opportunity to create a recurring revenue stream with huge margins and full flexibility on billing (monthly subscription or discounted longer term upfront subscriptions)
  • The opportunity to build a SaaS/managed service offering by allowing the partner to white label (re-brand) the SaaS security services and marketing materials.
  • Flexibility in relation to contracts, rolling contracts and not 2 year minimum commitments.
  • SaaS security services that customers need and will buy and are easy to understand and sell.
  • Unified (single pane of glass) SaaS administration. All service available through a single console/portal browser with least privilege administration options/permissions.


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