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GSuite Email Data Loss Prevention

G Suite Email Data Loss Prevention Tools and Encryption

Spambrella specialises in G Suite Email Data Loss Prevention outbound filtering and encryption. G Suite users and those pre-transition (Postini) have utilised this service offering to maintain their business communication integrity. Firstly, the addition of outbound email filtering and content control enables G Suite administrators to take back control of the email which is leaving the business perimeter. The G Suite email data loss prevention capabilities granted by Spambrella are extremely granular with advanced features courtesy of Intel Security.


For a long time Google Postini users have been the fruit of opportunity for Spambrella. Switching the users over from the Google Postini service as an alternative like-for-like with many additional features. In fact, Spambrella has been working with those that have chosen the G Suite platform for many months since the Google Postini stand-alone service EOL announcement.

Spambrella give business the ability to scan emails, attachments inbound or outbound. Spambrella neatly integrates with G Suite to provide anti-phishing embedded link risk detection/removal as well as those missing email DLP content controls.


Many leading email content control vendors provide great service in what is a turbulent arena bustling for differentiation. Spambrella has unique focus on security and unification. The delivery of all services provided by Spambrella are through a single piece of glass (portal). This unification saves an incredible amount of administration time whilst also easing the cross platform usability and education of staff.

Integration with Proofpoint enables Spambrella to push signature updates (patches) direct to the cloud environment without spinning down localised third party AV engines. This is a major flaw in the way many filtering service providers protect their customers. Spambrella really is a real-time cloud protection service.


  • Are malicious items received currently using the G Suite mail client or Google Postini?
  • What is the current ratio of false positives to positive negatives?
  • Are my users able to manage their own white/black lists?
  • Do the quarantine reports give my users enough detail?
  • Are G Suite using my business data for advertising purposes?
  • What will happen if the G Suite service fails or has down-time?
  • Do you have an email business continuity plan?
  • Are you users able to send encrypted email?
  • Can your administrators control what data leaves the business?
  • Do you force encryption on sensitive records leaving the perimeter?


With Spambrella, unified security and content control console is now possible for businesses Worldwide. It is also possible to rebrand the Spambrella notifications with your business logo, automate reports and user quarantine delivery. 

If you are new to Spambrella and would like to see the unified control console, feel free to get in touch to arrange a live demonstration. We can also speak to you over twitter or offer a full service trial on all or a select number of packages.


Spambrella is used across a myriad of environments and jurisdictions Globally. All of which have varied data protection requirements. Spambrella compliments all Google Apps users by introducing granular control over email and user web/device interaction. Our compliance templates already help thousands of users comply with HIPAA, SOX and PCI. Spambrella brings the latest technology to the market at affordable rates, fully supports its customers and partners and differentiates itself from the alternatives by providing hands on support at a moments call.

Spambrella has grown within Education, Legal, Government and Healthcare to protect sensitive data without an agent installation required.

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