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Are Spambrella trying to kill off B2B Email Marketing Businesses?

Confusion still reigns about the use of opt-in and opt-out for email marketing purposes. The confusion centers around a misunderstanding of what is required to fulfill the obligation to obtain a user’s “prior consent”. Spambrella have simplified the inbound email load by focusing on the Enterprise workforce and specifically user productivity.

Spambrella delivers an effective means for Enterprise business administrators to selectively decide what ‘opt-in’ email is delivered to employees. Spambrella is not designed to specifically impact the B2B email marketing advertising industry although the Email Protection ‘Graymail’ service has spiked in popularity due to recent press attention. Spambrella focus on securing and further enabling the Enterprise workforce. By utilizing the Graymail feature within Spambrella ‘Email protection’, inbound email load is heavily reduced and in many reported cases entirely eradicated.

In response to recent press coverage Spambrella have released the below article to better explain the ‘problem’ and the ‘solution’ within Spambrella which enables administrators to reduce/eradicate inbound marketing email.


Business users are making online purchases, signing up for social media updates, personal interest newsletters and more using business email addresses. This action has a very simple but profound knock on effect with marketers who list/share the user within an ‘opt-in’ happy to be emailed directory.

Opt-in email is not regarded (and rightfully so) as SPAM but can be disruptive and dysfunctional within the workplace. It should be said that not all inbound B2B marketing email is for personal use as many business users utilize on-line publications for specific daily job roles.

IT departments are struggling to manage the increased load of targeted B2B email. If business users are expected to ‘unsubscribe’ there is often a long-winded process to opt-out of such services. As an example, Spambrella ran a test scenario to unsubscribe from a well-known ‘deals and coupons’ online service subscription. Our users were led down a garden path where they are expected to log into ‘their account’ and select individual target territories/types of coupons they no longer wish to receive. Furthermore, an explanation of why the user no longer wished to receive these offers was expected (probably to sell this more refined feedback onto another agency). This is time consuming and of course undesirable for anyone to complete especially during work hours!

Quite simply, Spambrella are not attempting to eliminate the B2B marketing industry. Spambrella are enforcing the business inbound email perimeter. Everyone will agree that email should be managed in a way that is purposeful to the workforce and has profound effect on focus and productivity.


Spambrella use a feature within the Email Protection service to stipulate which workforce’s or departments need particular newsletters or articles. Spambrella is staged within all Intel Security data-centers and utilize the McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) network which monitors more nodes globally than any other organisation Worldwide.

Spambrella have provided graymail services for over 24 months and the feedback has been very good. Initially the Graymail service was shaped around the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations which require an ‘unsubscribe’ embedded URL within all outbound marketing emails. Spambrella provides administrators with options to deny all such emails, quarantine or tag subject lines with [graymail]. Increasingly over time the trend has proven to show that these emails are denied by default.