Connectwise Manage Integration

Connectwise Manage Integration and Automation 

Spambrella provides ConnectWise Manage integration to deliver an automated process for the synchronizing of end user licensing with Connectwise organization customer ‘agreements’. Spambrella MSP partners can take advantage of this offering at no additional cost.

As MSP partners migrate customer accounts to Spambrella it is imperative that user counts maintain automation with Connectwise Manage for billing purposes. As user counts fluctuate on Spambrella, the user counts will automate within your Connectwise Manage agreement for that chosen organization.

The Connectwise Manage integration with Spambrella is also built for Proofpoint Essentials partners and customers. Partners receive flat rate fixed monthly rates for services delivered by Spambrella. Build your professional reputation and strengthen client relationships with smarter agreements. Streamline operations to ensure your agreements are met and your clients are supported.

Simplify processes to ease the transition from sales, to purchasing, to finance. Keep inventory accurate, manage orders, set pricing, and create a simpler procurement experience.

Account Management
When everything you need to know about a client is in one location, you can keep lines of communication open. Rely on a central system to build stronger relationships.

Get immediate access to your vital business information so you can make smarter business decisions with ease. Centralize data to drive your business success.

If you are interested in Connectwise Manage billing automation for your Spambrella white label service (or) Proofpoint Essentials please contact your dedicated account manager.

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