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Spambrella REST API documentation guide

This guide provides information about the Spambrella/Proofpoint REST API including basic fundamentals of the design and resources that can be utilized.

Comparison with Interface

Spambrella provides administrators and end-users with a web-based interface that can be used for:

  • Organization creation & configuration
  • User creation & configuration
  • Quarantine & log access
  • Emergency Inbox access (Continuity offering)


The API is a REST API based around resource-focused, noun URLs, with HTTP verbs being used to operate on these resources. This page aims to outline at a high level the intent of the API, while the API Specification page will detail the endpoints and data schemas. Spambrella utilizes the Proofpoint API and documentation available here:

REST resources exposed by the API

REST API Specification

Other Resources

Is an API Available?

Statistics API