Is an API Available?


  • Can I use a service to automate my account handling?
  • Is there a way to customize item settings without going through the interface?
  • Am I able to mass update customer settings?


  • Where to get the API
  • What the API can do for you
  • Coding
  • A specific call does not work.

Where To Get The API

The API is available across all stacks. As a reference point, you can get to the API documentation here:

REST resources exposed by the API

REST API Specification

These are public-facing URLs and do not require you to be logged in to see them.

What the API can do for you

The API allows admins to administrate the account without having to interact with the Spambrella interface, i.e. the web UI.

In the API, these are items that can be done, but not limited to:

  • Checking the domain settings: checking the individual domain through the domains tab.
  • Check what features are enabled: checking the settings in the features tab
  • Update individual user items like the approve sender list: going directly to the user profile and add in items to the approved list.

There are many other items that can be updated, changed, or removed with the API.


Spambrella support does not offer any specific coding or assistance with coding. All coding must be done by the customer side. We are unable to help with any custom coding, as the API can be used with any preferred coding method used to connect to our system.

A Specific Call Does Not Work

With respect to coding, if a call gives a specific error, there are items that need to be adhered to.


An Admin level account is required.

Organization admin – allowed only to work on the same account level
Strategic Partner/Channel Admin – allowed to work on the same domain as well as their customer accounts.

Base URL

The coding to connect requires a connection with the Base URL, along with the path: /api/v1. Make sure to appropriately use the base path of the stack of the domain you are working with is specifically on.

API calls are stack-dependent, if you only have credentials for one stack i.e. US3 you will have to validate your credentials against that URL

Example for US3:

Example for EU1:


Along with the base URL path, you can edit one of the resources:

  • Organization
  • Domain
  • Users
  • Endpoint
  • Features
  • Package
  • Licensing
  • Reporting

Method Actions

As with most APIs, the most common methods using the calls will be GET and PUT.


The API is a REST API based around resource-focused, noun URLs, with HTTP verbs being used to operate on these resources. This page aims to outline at a high level the intent of the API, while the API Specification page will detail the endpoints and data schemas. Spambrella utilizes the Proofpoint API and documentation available here:

REST resources exposed by the API

REST API Specification

Integrate via API

Statistics API