Partner Branding – White Label


Strategic and Channel Partners have the ability to brand the user interface, welcome emails and quarantine digest with a custom logo and a specific header color. Strategic and channel administrators can only brand their own site. For example: A Strategic Administrator can update the brand of their site but they cannot update the brand of a reseller site.

By default, all companies created under your partner account will use the branding (colour scheme, logo, etc.) you have applied to your partner site. If you would like the company to also have a branded login screen, please follow these steps.

To view current digest settings:

  • Make sure you are managing your company (Click on the Home button in the main navigation).
  • Click on the Company Settings tab.
  • Click on the Branding tab.
  • Click on Choose File (and locate new logo).
  • Choose an option from the Choose Color Scheme selection list.
  • Click Preview.
  • Click Save or Cancel.

The logo will be used on the login screen, the main user interface and the quarantine digest email. To access the branded login screen, follow these steps:

To locate URL for branded login screen:

1. Navigate to the login screen.

2. Login using your existing account.

3. The URL in the browser will change once you have successfully logged in.

4. Identify the “eid” value from the URL.

5. Logout

6. Use the eid value and update the URL for future reference.

Logos should be high quality images. It is recommended that the maximum width should not exceed 250 pixels and the maximum height should not exceed 60 pixels.

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