Timing for configuration changes to occur

Situation – How long does it take domain changes to take effect? When will a new email address be added to send and receive emails? When do custom filters and sender lists start allowing/blocking?

Solution – The chart below will show the timing for configurations to take effect.

Configuration changes

Email Filter Polices – Immediately*

Sender List – Immediately*

Spam Settings – Immediately*

Email Warning Tags – Top and bottom of the hour**

Malicious Content

URL Defense (All settings) – Immediately*

Attachment Defense

Safe Senders – Immediately*


Exceptions – Top and bottom of the hour**

Account Management

Domains – Top and bottom of the hour**

Sending Servers – Top and bottom of the hour**

SMTP Authentication – Top and bottom of the hour**

User Management

New email addresses added as either User, Alias, or Functional Accounts. Updating an email address also falls under this category – Top and bottom of the hour**

If an email address was previously “Marked as Invalid” and then added as New User – It may take longer than 60 minutes*


FAQ: Why does it take so long for these changes to take effect?

Mail Transfer Agents (MTA) cannot access in real-time the same database where the data in question (user account data, etc) is stored. They need static lookup files that are compiled on a periodic basis in order to work. These files cannot be recreated too frequently because doing so causes a drop in MTA performance, as all the SMTPD processes
need to reload upon any change.

* Will need to propagate through all of our systems. If testing please wait a minute or two.

** These updates are done at the top and bottom of the hour but could take up to an hour after changes to be fully propagated

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