Understanding User Roles

Strategic Partner Administrator – A user with the ‘Strategic Partner Admin‘ role is able to:

  • Manage strategic partner site.
  • Manage all channel partner sites.
  • Manage all channel partner organization sites.
  • Manage all organization sites (direct).

Channel Partner Administrator – A user with the ‘Channel Admin‘ user role is able to:

  • Manage all channel partner accounts.
  • Manage all organization sites (direct).
  • View company logs for all users including downstream customer logs, settings, and safe/blocklists.

Organization Administrator – A user with the ‘Organization Admin‘ role is able to:

  • Manage organization site – all user settings and company level safe/blocklists.

End-User – A user with the ‘end-user‘ role:

  • Can log in to the Spambrella user interface.
  • Can access their personal Emergency Inbox.
  • Receives daily quarantine digest.

Silent User – A user with the ‘silent user‘ role:

  • Cannot log in to the Spambrella portal/interface.
  • Cannot access the Emergency Inbox feature/service.
  • Receives daily quarantine digest.

To modify the access control for a role:

  • Navigate to the login screen.
  • Log in using your Admin user account.
  • Click on the ‘Company Settings’ tab.
  • Click on the ‘Access Control’ tab.
  • Select the role you wish to edit.
  • Click the Show/Hide button that is next to each module you wish to alter the permission setting for that role.
  • Click Save.

Once the user roles have been made all users who are assigned the role that has been edited will be subject to the new permissions.
Access controls only apply to the entity where they were created. Therefore Partners will need to customize the access of a role in each organization they manage.

Emergency Inbox

How to access Emergency Inbox