[Setup Step 6] – Configuring Additional Features

[Setup Step 6]: Configuring Features

This article is to consolidate links to features available based on package level and how to configure them.

Available features can be enabled by navigating to ‘Administration’ and clicking Account Management > Features

All packages:

Spam Settings – Navigate to ‘Security Settings’ click Email > Spam Settings

Reports – Reports

Business Package and above:

URL Defense – Enable or disable from Company Settings > FeaturesURL Defense

Attachment Defense – Enable or disable from Company Settings > Features > Attachment Defense

Data Loss Prevention – Enable or disable from Company Settings > Features > 

  • DLP option will be available in filters once enabled.

Advanced and Pro:

Email Encryption – Enable or disable from Company Settings > Features.

  • Once enabled you will have the ability to set up outbound filters to encrypt emails.

Important Note: Remember that changes take place every half hour. (Top and bottom of the hour)

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[Setup Step 6]: Configuring additional features