[Setup Step 6] – Configuring additional features

[Setup Step 6]: Configuring Features

This article is to consolidate links to features available based on package level and how to configure them.

Available features can be enabled under Company Settings > Features

All packages:

Spam SettingsCompany Settings > Spam

Reports – Reports

Business Package and above:

URL Defense – Enable or disable from Company Settings > FeaturesURL Defense

Attachment Defense – Enable or disable from Company Settings > Features > Attachment Defense

Data Loss Prevention – Enable or disable from Company Settings > Features > 

  • DLP option will be available in filters once enabled.

Advanced and Pro:

Email Encryption – Enable or disable from Company Settings > Features.

  • Once enabled you will have the ability to set up outbound filters to encrypt emails.

Important Note
: Remember that changes take place every half hour. (Top and bottom of the hour)

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[Setup Step 6]: Configuring additional features