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Users and Groups

Groups Vs Functional Accounts

Difference between Groups and Functional Accounts Under the tab ‘Users & Groups’ within Spambrella there are a couple of sub-tabs mainly Users , Groups ,…

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Change User to Functional Account

Functional Accounts allows you to add all email enabled Distribution Lists / Security Groups / Public folders that exist in the customers local Active Directory….

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Synching Users and Groups from Active Directory

Situation – Spambrella Active Directory Sync Tool allows organizations using AD to import and/or synchronize users and functional accounts Summary – See below article for…

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Functional Accounts

If you need to address users to reduce user count for those that are not actual live people…’such as’ ‘[email protected], [email protected], [email protected] etc’. You can set…

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Understanding User Roles

Strategic Partner Administrator – A user with the ‘Strategic Partner Admin‘ role is able to: Manage strategic partner site. Manage all channel partner sites. Manage…

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Auto User Provisioning (SMTP Discovery)

Auto User Provisioning (SMTP discovery), by default, will automatically add unregistered users to the service when three valid messages are received from that unique address…

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Steps for Adding Users by CSV Upload

CSV Upload This import option allows companies to provision users by loading a Comma-Separated Values (CSV) file. The file can contain a first name, last name, primary…

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How to Add Users Manually

Managing Users Users and groups are accessed under the Users & Groups tab. Users and groups can be added manually or through LDAP Discovery or CSV upload. An…

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